With a successful background in Oracle License Management Services (LMS) and over 10 years of experience in License Compliance, Tarim Consulting helps Oracle customers all over the world maximize the return on their Oracle investment and minimize the associated risks to achieve better control of their Oracle assets and Oracle partnership.


Oracle cost reduction, risk mitigation, and relationship enhancement with Oracle are the three main focuses of our services. Our Oracle solutions are custom-tailored for each of our customers’ unique challenges and future goals. As a result, you will have an effective strategy that will align with your needs and achieve your Oracle goals.

Some results we have achieved for our customers include:

  • Identified and resolved a $60 million risk that was previously unknown to the customer.
  • Dropped $1 million in annual Oracle support costs without penalty.
  • Achieved a 98% cost reduction from a single Oracle proposal.
  • Average 45% cost savings from Oracle audits represented.
  • Average 5-10% discount increase on Oracle purchases represented.

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Oracle Health Check

How “healthy” is your Oracle estate? Is everything in order and are you fully in compliance? What potential risks may be present? Are you going through an Oracle audit? Tarim will perform a Health Check to enable Oracle customers to proactively control their Oracle assets and in the event of an audit, represent customers during the audit to minimize potential costs and unknown risks.


What potential Oracle costs might you be able to save? Can you drop support for unused licenses? How can you navigate through complicated Oracle licensing policies and restrictions? Tarim can provide comprehensive insights into a customer’s deployed Oracle assets and equip them with the necessary knowledge to reduce Oracle licensing and support costs while enhancing the existing Oracle relationship.


Tarim works hand in hand with current Oracle customers to provide comprehensive and cost-effective future strategies for Oracle Software Asset Management (SAM) targeting an effective procurement strategy. By doing so, customers reduce their Oracle costs, mitigate their Oracle risks, and enhance their Oracle relationship.


Are you getting the most out of your expensive Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (“ULA”)? Would entering into a ULA make sense? What are the associated risks after my ULA is ended? For prospective and current ULA customers, Tarim can provide a quantified cost analysis to evaluate a ULA proposal, help manage an existing ULA, and certify an Oracle ULA prior to its expiration.


In the process of negotiating a new Oracle agreement or renewing an existing one? Tarim can partner with Oracle customers to enable them to take control of their contract negotiations, obtain the best pricing, and secure the best possible terms and conditions, and reinforce their Oracle relationship.

Tarim Oracle Training

Tarim provides cutting-edge training to assist current Oracle customers and service providers better understand the ins and outs of Oracle licensing and strategy. Attendees will be educated, empowered, and enabled to reduce their Oracle costs, mitigate their Oracle risks, and enhance the relationship with Oracle.


With $27 million in client savings during 2014 and over $63 million in client savings for year 2015, Tarim Consulting is poised to be one of the top Oracle solution providers worldwide.

Success Story #1:

Architectural and engineering firm

  • Total size of engagement: $86 million
  • Tarim achieved savings: $17 million in list license fees; close to $1 million in net license fees
  • Realized discount from Oracle: 94% on list license fees

The client needed a trusted advisor to help with a complicated license migration in fall 2014. Tarim worked with the Oracle Sales team on the migration and pricing proposals. The client was able to obtain a 94% discount on list license fees, a $17 million savings, while saving close to $1 million in net license fees. The CTO’s feedback was that Tarim “did a super job”, while Oracle was able to close the sale in time for the quarter end, resulting in a win-win for the client and Oracle.

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