What potential Oracle costs might you be able to save? Can you drop support for unused licenses? How can you navigate through complicated Oracle licensing policies and restrictions? Tarim can provide comprehensive insights into a customer’s deployed Oracle assets and equip them with the necessary knowledge to reduce Oracle licensing and support costs while enhancing the existing Oracle relationship.

With IT remaining the largest and fastest growing investment area for an organization, cost optimization of its IT assets has become a major focus for IT executives. Despite this fact, organizations are still making the following mistakes:

  • They retain old and restrictive licenses without proper license migrations, creating a compliance risk.
  • They do not deploy licenses in a cost effective manner.
  • They renew support for unused software (shelfware).
  • They purchase additional licenses without examining their entire Oracle footprint to determine if these additional licenses are actually needed.
  • They drive IT transformation initiatives without considering the license implications.

Tarim can put a stop to these costly mistakes by providing comprehensive insights into a customer’s deployed Oracle assets to:

  • Reduce inefficiency, duplication, and redundancy of software usage.
  • Redeploy Oracle licenses in the most cost effective manner.
  • Align licensing requirements to meet actual business needs.
  • Develop cost transparency over the entire investment.
  • Realize substantial cost savings on Oracle licenses and support.

With Tarim’s help, customers will be able to better govern and maximize the return on their Oracle assets without compromising and affecting their business requirements.

If you’re unsure if we are able to reduce your Oracle operating costs, or wish to get more information about a specific service, please set a time to speak to an Oracle Licensing Specialist so we can best determine your needs.