In the process of negotiating a new Oracle agreement or renewing an existing one? Tarim can partner with Oracle customers to enable them to take control of their contract negotiations, obtain the best pricing, and secure the best possible terms and conditions, and reinforce their Oracle relationship.

Tarim believes that 90% of the negotiation is preparation. Tarim’s depth of understanding in the following areas helps identify potential pitfalls, cost savings opportunities, and areas for additional benefits in an existing or a new agreement:

  • Oracle’s negotiating and contract strategies.
  • Strategies employed by Oracle Sales.
  • Oracle licensing rules and business practices.
  • Oracle’s non-stand approval process and strategies to navigate through this process.

Tarim can help Oracle customers by:

  • Reviewing, analyzing, and benchmarking new agreements and proposals.
  • Assisting in directly or indirectly renegotiating existing agreements.
  • Assisting in directly or indirectly negotiating new license purchases.

By helping the customer understand all possible options, Tarim can help ensure that the most favorable terms and conditions are achieved, license and costs are optimized, potential future pitfalls are avoided, and the most return from the Oracle investment is obtained.

If you’re unsure if we are able to reduce your Oracle operating costs, or wish to get more information about a specific service, please set a time to speak to an Oracle Licensing Specialist so we can best determine your needs.