How “healthy” is your Oracle estate? Is everything in order and are you fully in compliance? What potential risks may be present? Are you going through an Oracle audit? Tarim will perform a Health Check to enable Oracle customers to proactively control their Oracle assets and in the event of an audit, represent customers during the audit to minimize potential costs and unknown risks.

Oracle’s licensing policies and business practices can be complex and often present a barrier to Oracle customers, preventing them from:

  • Making better informed business strategies and IT investment decisions.
  • Maximizing the full return on their Oracle investment.
  • Avoiding the risks that can trigger an unexpected and costly Oracle audit.
  • Managing their IT infrastructure and IT resources more cost effectively.

“When a customer licenses Oracle software, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they are utilizing their licenses in accordance with the terms and conditions of the license agreements.” –Oracle Compliance Policy

As an advocate for Oracle customers, Tarim performs a friendly, strategic, and educational Oracle Health Check to navigate customers through these barriers. Customers are empowered to proactively control their Oracle assets, remove any financial, operational or legal risks, and maximize the associated benefits of their Oracle investment.

During the Oracle Health Check or audit representation programs, Tarim adopts the most efficient license review process to examine customers’ existing Oracle footprint. By ensuring 100% compliance with Oracle’s license policies, business practices and contractual obligations, the customer relationship with Oracle will not only be preserved, but also enhanced.

If you’re unsure if we are able to reduce your Oracle operating costs, or wish to get more information about a specific service, please set a time to speak to an Oracle Licensing Specialist so we can best determine your needs.